The Crucible: Day 1
  1. Hook
  2. Review: Exploring Expository Writing/Historical Context--Puritan Religion and Beliefs (Given in Class Friday as weekend homework)
    1. Questions 1-4
    2. Review question 5 specifically
    3. Compare the Puritan life described in the article in America to your own.
  3. Think Like a Puritan Handout
  4. Puritan Influence: Ppt- Slide sorter handout-
    1. Why compare? Because the Puritan influence extends to today.
    2. Why are the puritans significant? What is their legacy/impact on America?

Transition: Puritans are known for more than X, they are also often associated with an event called the Salem Witch Trials. First we need to review/discuss the concept of witchcraft in New England.

5. Review: Historical Context--Witchcraft in Puritan New England (Given in Class Friday as weekend homework)
6. Salem Witch Trials: Ppt-
  1. Read/discuss background using Ppt sorter:
  2. Point out the specific chronology of the events on the back.

Transition: Now that you understand the general historical background for the Salem Witch Trials, we are going to look at a primary source : The Examination of Sarah Good

7. Read: Examination of Sarah Good from text book 

    1. Reading Comprehension:
    2. Active Reading Skill Builder: Loaded Language and Questions 

Finish whatever is not completed in class