What is the best cuisine?

Write a paragraph defending your choice. Use logos, ethos and pathos. You may link audio and video using the "link" bottom in the formatting bar when you edit.

Italian food is the best cuisine ever because they use very good spices and sauces. They put a lot of thought into the ingredients of their food. A lot of food has originated from Italian food because of these wonderful tasting components. Italian cuisine is very popular and very well known. Many American families eat spaghetti, pizza and other Italian dishes on an everyday basis. The most common food at a party is pizza, it is food that is used to celebrate and make you happy. You should trust my word on Italian food because I eat Italian cuisine at least once a week, and I love it every time.

Chinese food is the best cuisine because it is so unique. Other food does not taste like Chinese food. There are many restaurants that sell Chinese food and many Americans enjoy eating it. Chinese food is delicious and has a very amazing taste. I know this because I have tried Chinese food many times. Chinese food originated in many regions of China and it is very popular all around the world.

American food is the best food choice because it offers a twist on modern food. It allows you to enjoy the taste of America. American food is always used to during favorite pastimes such as watching football, going to baseball games, and having barbeques in the backyard. Hamburgers and hot dogs are a classic example of American food. Honestly, it can’t get any better than that. Everyone loves eating chicken or steak, its good tasting food. Personally, I enjoy eating a juicy cheeseburger and fries. American food provides a person with the taste of delicious food!

French food is the best because it is known all around the world. French food is very tasty. I know this because Emril Lagasse says it all the time. French food makes you feel well cultured after you eat it. Most french cuisine is very healthy. French food offers the best combination of diversity in flavors. I personally enjoy french food, and the way it makes your mouth water by just smelling it.

Eastern European food is the best food of all. I know this because I have been living in Eastern Europe for the last 5 years just studying their cuisine. I never imagined it to be so good! These food have all the basic ingredients used to make many varieties of foods. For example parsley which is mostly in Eastern Europe is used in, pizza, pasta, salad, and many more foods. This food tastes so good it will even brighten your spirit.