What is the best color?

Write a paragraph defending your choice. Use logos, ethos and pathos. You may link audio and video using the "link" bottom in the formatting bar when you edit.

Orange is the best color ! It combines the color of red and the color of yellow to beautiful colors to make an even prettier color. Its known for its joy and color in the tropics, makes you think of vacation time and the tropical fruits, yummy. It is easy on the eyes so you can stare at it as long as you want. And is well varied around in food area such as orange or orange juice with vitamin C ,or orange like carrots which helps your eyesights. It is symbolic for strength and edurance. And orange reminds you of fall and the leaves as well as pumpkins and Halloween. I love the color Orange as well as many others.
Bianca Richards

The best color in the world, is so obviously green. Green is one of te easiest colors on your eye, and can actually help improve your vision! It is also a very calming color, and has adverse effects on your nervous system as an american in the twenty first century, everyone could use that! As an artist i have seen that when a picture is painted with a green color scheme, it brings a peacefulness to the room wich draws people to it. Also what makes green the best color is that we connect it to the best season, SUMMER! Everyone loves to see the green trees, the green grass, and between hot beautiful summers, seeing green is a great reminder of the fun to come!

Purple is the best color. It has been traditionally associated with royalty and nobility, since the color itself was affordable to the people of high rank during the old days. Purple was often used on clothes of the Roman Emperors and the beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra. It is always intriguing to have two opposite things combined together, and purple can be an example, because it is derived from the mixing of hot red and cool blue. Purple has both the warm and lovely property of red, and the cold and relaxing property of blue.

Clearly, blue is the best color ever! First prize always gets the blue ribbon. It is said to be a relaxing and easy color. In the old times, servants were said to wear blue. that holds true until today also because police men and fire men also wear blue. It was also a color used to protect against witches. If a person is said to be True blue", they are meant to be loyal and faithful. That is why my hockey team would yell "blue heart" before every game. Also, it is our school color and shows all our school spirit! Blue stands for a sign of love so a bride should always wear something blue on her wedding day for good luck. It is a primary color on the color wheel and helps make other pretty colors such as purple and green, but blue is still the best color!

Red is the absolute best color in theis universe, don't you agree? First, the color red is a primary color. Red has a number of meanings and can symbolize many different things. Ask your self, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think red? Some people have told me blood, roses, hot. Emotion wise, people get red when they get angry or embarrassed. The color red could be interpreted to such a passionate color, roses and love. Not only is red the best color ever but it's on our countries flag! Red is also a very helpful color to warn us from danger, for example dangers signs. Overall red is the best color ever!

Yellow is the best color ever! Why you ask? Well not only is yellow the color of the sun, our source of light, and life as we know it but it also is the color of happiness. Daffodils my favorite flowers are yellow and beautiful. Smiley faces are yellow. The majority of things that are associated with joy and happiness are yellow. It is a proven fact that colors influence your mood and the color yellow brightens your mood. Appealing to the eyes in a good way yellow is not only bright but seeing yellow always brightens my day. Yellow is just what it should be young, youthful, happy, everything is good! Yellow is the sunshine of my love!

Sorry I couldn't help myself, I fixed your spelling errors guys... lol. ~Kristen

While driving in West Virginia this summer I saw this awesome satilite dish! YELLOW!

Silver, silver, and silver. These are the three primary colors, and by primary colors I mean the best colors! (Yes, silver is so awesome that it had to be the other two primary colors because no other color could stand up to its magnificence). For all of the kids born in the 1990's, silver is a color to remember. We all loved the original Pokémon games which were Red, Blue, and Yellow. However in the year 2000 we got a taste of their sequels, Silver, Gold, and Crystal. Silver stood out though because it was the more masculine color of the three, and according to various studies, boys play more video games than girls. Silver also makes a good gift. Is it your girlfriend's birthday? Give her a silver necklace or bracelet. Not enough tin for the Tin Man? Paint his body silver! Silver is pleasant on the eyes, soothes the mind, and shows that you are wealthy without showing off (like with gold). Silver is obviously the best color.