Middletown High School is a great school with lots of opportunities. We offer block scheduling, many different classes, and many different sports! We have an easy to follow code of conduct, though fairly structured. Middletown is a great high school with many opportunities for you!

Block scheduling is a new type of scheduling introduced to Middletown just 4 years ago. It consists of eight classes in a year, though you only have 4 classes each marking period. Each class is ninety minutes long, and you alternate to four different classes after the end of the second marking period. We have 3 lunch periods – A, B, and C. If you happen to get B lunch your third period class will be cut in half for you to attend lunch, then return to your third period class right after. It seems a bit confusing at first, but after a few days it’s easy to get used to!

Our code of conduct is fairly structured, though very easy to follow. Every student is expected to act responsible and respectful at all times of the school day. The dress code is not that bad at all, and super is follow. Girls are expected to have their dresses and skirts and shorts down to their knees, and no strapless or spaghetti strap shirts. For boys it isn’t that hard to follow, just keep your paints at your waist please! You are expected to dress appropriately for a school environment, and make sure none of your outfits condone anything slovenly or inappropriate.

Our sports community is probably our strongest aspect at Middletown High School. We have pep rallies before any big football game, and all of the sports have their own little traditions. The sports offered at Middletown are as followed: (Autumn) Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Soccer, (Winter) Wrestling, Basketball, Winter Track, Indoor Lacrosse, Swimming, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Field Hockey, (Spring) Soft ball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Track, and Soccer. Plenty of options to do something, and anything! The classes offered at Middletown are also very diverse, and can really help steer you in the right direction for what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. Don’t let the opportunities to really do what you want to do with your high school career pass you by, whether it be with sports or the classes you take.


Sports is really big in Middletown, we would say football is the biggest sport though this is Middletown vs Appoquinimink
MHS Student Routine
Period Start time End time
1 7:30 9:10
2 9:15 10:45
3 10:50 12:55
A lunch 10:45 11:15
Class 11:20 12:55
B lunch 11:35 12:05
Class 10:50 11:35
Class 12:10 12:55
C lunch 12:25 12:55
Class 10:50 12:25
4 1:00 2:30

Group Members:
Julie, Ridgely, Charis, Gibby, Todd